DPMS AR10 Barrels/Stag10/BCL102

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IBI DPMS pattern AR 10 style barrels get all the same love put into them as our precision rifle barrels do.

Each one that comes off our production line has been double stress relieved, honed to .0001″ end to end on the only Sunnen 1600 horizontal barrel hone in the country and is hand lapped on top of that to ensure your barrel is as accurate as possible.

We cut in 416R stainless steel,mainly with 5R rifling when possible and use match chambers to help give you the best accuracy possible. No sloppy 7.62 NATO chambers here unless that’s what you request!

We carry three profiles from a heavy DMR to a light hunter. All are 19″ in length as we tested 24″ to 19″ and 19″ was the best combination of accuracy vs velocity. We will happily cut you a longer one, or one with a + length gas system if that’s what you had your mind set on, too.