Profiled Blanks

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Precision rifle blanks are the backbone of what we do.

One thing that we hear a lot is that it’s clear that we care about every barrel that leaves our shop.

We thought that’s what you were supposed to do so it just became the norm.
Each and every one of our blanks gets the care and attention it deserves so that when it ends up on your gun it shoots like you deserve.

All our blanks are double stress relieved, honed on a Sunnen 1600 barrel hone to within .0001″ from end to end AND hand lapped.

We use only the highest quality German 416R stainless and we try to cut with 5R rifling as much as possible as our standard. No extra charge for different rifling.
We have a variety of profiles that should cover just about any situation BUT if there’s something you want but don’t see please feel free to ask! Customs are not out of the question!

Standard length blanks are 27″ to finish at 26″ or less but blanks up to 32″ to finish at 31″ or less are also available.

And shortly we will be able to spin blanks over 35″. We will keep you up to date on that!