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Barrel nut/wrench and Muzzle thread protectors sold separately.

All barrels are made to order and due to overwhelming order volumes, our lead-time goal is now APPROX. 16-18 +/- weeks dependent on volume of orders in production queue.

Note: NO orders start until paid



If you want to make changes to your order it can be done BUT once the order has been made, any changes are subject to $50 fee per change.

Cancellations after we are cutting steel are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Check out our Carbon Prefit Barrels!

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This is a prefit barrel that utilizes a barrel nut system to tighten the barrel onto the action. The benefit of this style of barrel is that it’s easily fit up by anyone at home with a proper wrench and headspace gauges. 5 minutes is all you need to swap from one caliber to another, so you can easily run one action, one chassis and one scope while switching just the barrel from .308 to 6 Creedmoor for example.

Make sure to have a look at our barrel nut/wrenches and muzzle brakes/thread protectors!

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 26 × 3.2 × 3.2 cm

Light (.62"), Standard (.72"), Medium (.82"), Heavy (.92"), Carbon hunter (.89"), Carbon Alpine Hunter (.80)


11° crown, 1/2-28 (only available for 224cal), 9/16-24, 5/8-24, M18x1


Yes, No

6 reviews for PREFIT BARRELS (Barrel nut style)

  1. Marcus Galvan (verified owner)

    I ordered this barrel for my Remington 700 and to start customer service is amazing and the barrel came out spot on. I order the carbon prefit at 17.5 inches to fit a particular Chassis (Q Side Chick) and the measurements from IBI were perfect. After barrel break-in, I was shooting sub half MOA at 100 yards and couldn’t half be happier. I Will purchase IBI barrels in the future for other builds.

  2. Brent Elder (verified owner)

    I ordered a replacement barrel for my savage 338lm and I got my barrel earlier than expected and it was a perfect fit., 20 minutes with a go gauge and the right torque spec on the barrel nut…..I was at the range breaking in the barrel……two rounds and clean, repeat, after 14 rounds at 100yds I was overlapping rounds on the target……..barrel is amazing and I’ll use IBI barrels for my other rifles as needed.

  3. Jamie (verified owner)

    I had never heard of International Barrels before but I took chance and ordered a carbon fibre barrel for an RPR and a 700. Given the price, I expected average results. I was wrong! The results are amazing. I didnt even use a gunsmith. Did it all myself and my first time doing it. Both barrels shoot about 3/8″ at 100 meters.

  4. Terry Maxwell

    I purchased an Ultimatum Precision Deadline action that is married to a 22” 6.5 Creedmore 5r IBI barrel, MDT ESS sniper chassis , never have I been so happy with this package, the barrel is so perfect shooting sub MOA 1/2 in groups at a 100 yds. and it loves a variety of projectiles!!!!
    I shoot it so much that I’m hoping my replacement IBI barrel does the same!!
    Thank you guys!
    I believe my next barrel to be a Carbon blank!

    • Ryan Steacy

      Sounds like a great package Terry! Thanks for thinking of us!

  5. Ryan L

    .308 is Fun Again!
    It took me a few different bullets to find some this barrel likes, but once I did it was like hitting the easy button. After a ladder test the first five shot group was 0.29” at 100y off a wobbly table. The next 7 shot group was 3” at 500m. Happy boy!
    This is with a 24” heavy, non fluted, 1/10, 11* crown barrel with 500 rounds through it. Rifle is an older 700 in an XRS chassis.

  6. Greg (verified owner)

    The barrel I received is BEAUTIFUL, but there are no reamer specs given for the dimensions of the chamber. So if your looking for specific dimensions maybe go with a blank and speak with a gunsmith about having it chambered (currently having my prefit rechambered). The 6 dasher has a small freebore (.040″) and is not suitable for longer heavier projectiles.

    That being said, the quality is top notch.

    • Ryan Steacy

      Feel free to reach out to Peter or Ryan!

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