Deuce/ Vudoo 10 Rd mags


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Vudoo 10 rd plastic mags for the Deuce!



Some full sized rimfire rifles require a VERY tight fit between the Chassis/Mag well and the magazine.

As most chassis are designed for centerfire, you must tune the magazines (or mag well) to eliminate ALL movement in some chassis.

Once tuned they may NOT drop free. Some chassis don’t require much to make it run. Others require a fair bit of adjustment to make things tight.

Rimfire is NOT centerfire. With rimfire, millimeters of movement is the difference between running well and misfeeding.

Centerfire is much more forgiving!  Fitment of mag to chassis causes 99.9% of misfeeds and issues we see.

MDT’s ACC ELITE has really solved a lot of the fitment/feed issues with an adjustable mag well and mag release.

Combine that with perfectly tuned mags and it will be drop free where others may not.

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