The Secrets of Mental Marksmanship…How to fire perfect shots.



You’ve got great basic skills. Your loading is precise! Your wind calling is decent. You are shooting well in your discipline be it Service Rifle, PRS, Long Range Rimfire, F Class, Benchrest or even hunting!

But you have plateaued. You can’t seem to get past a certain score, a certain hit percentage or make a great shot on that animal from a certain position or distance.

Linda Miller and Keith Cunningham give you everything you will need to know to get to that next level in whatever discipline you choose. As a matter of fact this book should be mandatory reading for ANYONE trying to accomplish ANYTHING.

From business entrepreneurs to Olympic level athletes, how you THINK about what you are doing will ensure your success OR defeat! It’s all in your own mind!

Ensure your OWN success and grab a copy of this brilliant book on how to manage yourself in any circumstance and come out on top every time.


PS this book is HIGHLY endorsed by a certain 6 time Canadian National Service Rifle Champion and DCRA Hall of fame shooter that also happens to work for IBI. 😉


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