Ultimatum Deuce 22LR Action


The Ultimatum Deuce is a super fast 700 footprint .22LR aimed at long rage PRS style steel matches. Want a .22LR in the same chassis you run for centerfire? This is for you!

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The DEUCE 22LR Action

The Deuce action is Ultimatum Precisions take on a full sized 700 footprint 22LR action. These are becoming super popular with rimfire PRS and NRL competitors who want to match the feel of their centerfire match rifle ,with the training value (and cost savings…maybe 😉 ) of a 22LR.

In Canada we shoot the 22LRs to 500m at these type of matches!

The Deuce features:

– Full sized 700 footprint rimfire that drops into whatever 700 chassis/stock system you prefer.

– Takes most 700 triggers which attach via a trigger hanger for ease of removal for cleaning etc.

– Standard 30 MOA one piece scope rail.

– Nitrided for corrosion resistance.

– Takes most AICS pattern rimfire mags.(may take some adjustment)

– The ability to accept a barrel nut style prefit barrel !

*** Let’s talk barrel nut style prefits!***

International Barrels Inc has pioneered barrel nut style 22LR prefits for several action manufacturers including Ultimatum, Bergara, RimX and soon a few others.

Now why would you want a barrel nut prefit for your rimfire match gun you say? Well the answer is adjustable headspace!

Since most people aren’t going to load 22LR ammo, this means that you are mostly “stuck” with the tolerances the ammo comes with. So instead of tuning your ammo to your rifle, like with centerfire, you can now tune your rifle to your ammo! Most folks will agree that headspacing in a 22LR is a thing. Generally speaking, if you can tighten it up a little, your groups can improve a lot. The use of shims to change headspacing is fairly common but now its unnecessary.

Get a new lot of ammo that wasn’t quite the same as the last? Tighten her up a bit!

Trying a different type of ammo with clearly different rim thickness than your last? Tighten her up a bit!

Now of course the DEUCE can also be shouldered like a normal barrel as well. But to be honest…why would you want to?

Deuce prefit barrels can be had in almost any profile we offer from 1.06″ straight or MTU, down to our lightest Alpine Hunter Carbon! We have you covered for any type of shooting!


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