Ultimatum Deadline Actions


The Deadline Gen 2 three lug bolt action utilizes a 60 degree super fast throw to get you back on target and ready to fire again!


Imagine having one bolt action precision rifle where you could keep your glass and chassis/stock and go from .223 to 6.5PRC by simply changing the barrel, bolt face and magazine. You could go from super heavy long range steel smasher to light weight hunting rig in 10 minutes or less!

Well you can have that with the Ultimatum Deadline Gen 2. The Gen 2 runs very well off of both barrel nut style prefits and regular shouldered barrels. Its as much at home hammering steel in a PRS match as it is in the high alpine stalking goats. 

The removable floating bolt head makes swapping calibers very easy and very accurate.


The new generation of the Deadline action is here! 

We have taken the original Deadline design a HUGE step further by upgrading the steel its born from, the firing mechanism for even better performance/durability and we made a few small cosmetic updates to update the look.

Gen 2 features:

– Much harder alloy steel than Gen 1 actions that easily stands up to the sharp recoil of short magnum cartridges and gives better overall rigidity.

– Increased OD firing pin for added strength

– Dual, opposing firing pin springs with floating bushing

– 1/4” longer bolt handle

– Incorporated the full round “Chevron” on front of Deadline SA action housing, an aesthetic feature found on the current Deadline LA 

– Added a chamfer on rear of ejection port to prevent damage to brass casings upon ejection


The upgraded firing pin assembly can be retrofitted to all gen 1 Deadlines, and is available for purchase on our web store

Ultimatum Questions?[email protected]

Additional information

Weight 1050 kg
Dimensions 21.5 × 3.5 × 5 cm
Action Type

Short Action Right .223 BF Repeater, Short Action Right .308 BF Repeater, Short Action Right Reg Mag BF Repeater, Short Action Right Single Shot Right, Short Action Right Bolt Left Port Single Shot, Long Action Right .308 BF Repeater, Long Action Right Reg Mag BF Repeater, Short Action Left .223 BF Repeater, Short Action Left .308 BF Repeater, Short Action Left Reg Mag BF Repeater, Long Action Left .308 BF Repeater, Long Action Left Reg Mag BF Repeater

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